Family Promise is a great program and the success stories are inspiring. Will this model work in a small town like Laramie? We already have so many organizations!

This is a reasonable question that deserves consideration. In fact, a similar question has arisen from multiple granting organizations who have considered contributing funds to this initiative. In the nearly two years that we leaders and volunteers have spent working to establish a Family Promise affiliate in Laramie, here is what we have learned:

We are right on track!

According to our regional director, Jeanna Beck, affiliates generally require 18-24 months to become operational. The process can be slower in smaller cities and towns since there is a great deal of work to be done that requires many, many volunteer hours.

As we truly began work on this project in January of 2016, we are in a great spot!

We have:

Local organizations support us

Our program services are not replicated by another other Laramie agency. While we do require funding, the resulting savings to the community make this a worthwhile endeavor. For every $1 spent, $3 worth of services and goods are donated in the form of volunteer time, meals, and nights of housing!

Community members support us

Individual responses to this program have been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. We are grateful and humbled that over 50 individuals have donated to FPAC during these planning months. Every amount is appreciated!

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