Diana Seabeck is the volunteer coordinator at ROCK Laramie, the newest host site for Family Promise of Albany County. She shared a bit of how they became involved and why they see this as a vital service in our community. Sincere thanks to Diana and to ROCK Laramie for joining with us!

How did you first become interested in participating in Family Promise?

I was involved in early housing efforts in Laramie as part of the Homeless Task Force. Once Family Promise had community support to start its fundraising process, it was on my radar and I hoped my church would participate. I was inspired by an article in the Boomerang and by speaking with Linda Melcher (then Board Vice President). My church had recently moved to a new building when Family Promise first started hosting families, so we were preoccupied with necessary building maintenance and renovation projects. All along, we had housing in mind for various needs, including Family Promise – for example, we planned for shower installation.

What do you believe are strengths of the Family Promise program?

It seems like a really good model for families to develop skills to get out of their situation for good. I like that there are individual assessments so that each family gets whatever services it actually needs.

Do you believe this program is sustainable long-term?

Yes, I do. And I would like to see an expansion of services to include other people since people without children could benefit also.

How does Family Promise fit with the mission of your church?

We want to do our part in fulfilling the commands of Jesus, which include helping people in need. We are happy to have this opportunity. It would be a huge undertaking for any one church to fully run a program like Family Promise. So the way it is set up, it is an ideal opportunity for us.

What would you say to people who might be nervous for their own church or other organization to commit to Family Promise?

I would encourage others to volunteer as a support site first and consider transitioning to a host site. Small churches have been successful in this program.

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