This week FPAC says farewell to one of our most valuable team members. Susie Klein has worked with us as an AmeriCorps Vista Member since April of 2019. After a year of dedicated service, she stayed on with our team to complete a second term. Without the dedication, drive, and creativity that Susie brought to her FPAC would not be where it is today.

My personal experience with Susie began in June of 2020. I can say with confidence that the success our organization has had this past year would not have been possible without Susie to help with my onboarding. FPAC is a young organization with a small team and as such does not have the luxury of senior staff to help guide new employees. Fortunately, Susie was willing and able to go beyond her role as a Vista Member to ensure FPAC continued to operate. She not only helped introduce me to the day-to-day operations but ensured I was prepared to meet the annual needs of the program as they came up.

In her time with Family Promise, Susie shaped the course of the program. She worked diligently to establish a relationship with the National Diaper Bank, ultimately resulting in the formation of our diaper pantry. She not only built the diaper pantry, but she established a volunteer system to help the team run it. It is not easy to build a project from scratch, and the work Susie put toward the diaper pantry is on par with the creation of an independent non-profit.

While she was busy establishing the largest diaper and hygiene pantry in southeast Wyoming Susie continued to help steer the ship. She maintained contact with our volunteers, coordinators, donors, and social media followers by creating content like our newsletters. Researching, writing, and receiving alternative funding sources are not easy tasks yet she managed to consistently maintain these efforts. As the pandemic began to change the nature of her project she adapted and helped the program persist. Her ability to help layout the groundwork for our future has made Susie a key asset to the organization.

Cole Nutter

(Executive Director)