Family Promise is Proud to Announce the Launch of its Intercultural Harmony Initiative!

The Intercultural Harmony Initiative is a project funded by Laura Jane Musser Fund. It is aimed at promoting intercultural interconnection through volunteerism in the Laramie community. What does this mean?

To start things off we are partnering with the Black Student Studies Center on the launch of the “Speak No Evil” seminar.

For more information, if you are interested in becoming involved, or would like to volunteer, please contact us at 307-742-6480 and ask for Cole.

You can also email us at


Virtual Pilot Program: “Speak No Evil” 

Speak No Evil is a virtual male focus group that invites University of Wyoming administrators, faculty, staff, and community members age 21 and above to begin courageous conversations centered on race, racism, and American society. From this platform, Speak No Evil will engage in broad-ranging weekly conversations that grapple with the complexities surrounding the conditions and determinants of America’s current social atmosphere. Speak No Evil represents a “safe space” for participants to discuss strategies and techniques that challenge and deconstruct harmful paradigms while creating solutions that address meaningful societal change and progress. Speak No Evil will meet weekly beginning Saturday, April 3, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. until noon, and every Saturday in April (April 10, April 17, April 24) after that. Participants who complete this focus group will receive a certificate of completion highlighting social justice activism development from the University of Wyoming’s Black Studies Center; if you are interested in participating in this pilot focus group, RSVP to Mr. Benjamin Herdt
Mission Statement 
The Speak No Evil focus group seeks to create an accepting and challenging environment concerning race, privilege, and our current social atmosphere that centers participants lived experiences to guide salient discussions.
Overarching Goal 

Provide pathways to generate rich and open discussions that encourage in-depth, courageous conversations, that challenge and extend the mainstream dominant discourse on the impact of race and privilege.