Family Promise is Proud to Announce the Launch of its Intercultural Harmony Initiative!

The Intercultural Harmony Initiative is a project funded by Laura Jane Musser Fund. It is aimed at promoting intercultural interconnection through volunteerism in the Laramie community. What does this mean?

  • FPAC and a multicultural team of volunteers have designed a survey to measure intercultural interaction within our community. This survey will be distributed in April 2021, and again in January of 2022.
  • For the next nine months, FPAC will be partnering with groups around town to host four events aimed at bringing different groups from our community together to engage with cultural ideas outside their home culture. These projects could be anything from speaking events, symposiums, intercultural pot-lucks, painting murals, etc. Groups interested in funding for these projects should reach out to our team.
  • We will also be engaging with these groups to promote volunteer activities available throughout the community.

To start things off we are partnering with the Black Student Studies Center on the launch of the “Speak No Evil” seminar.

For more information, if you are interested in becoming involved, or would like to volunteer, please contact us at 307-742-6480 and ask for Cole.

You can also email us at


Past Events

Virtual Pilot Program: “Speak No Evil” 

Speak No Evil was a virtual male focus group that invited University of Wyoming administrators, faculty, staff, and community members ages 21 and above to begin courageous conversations centered on race, racism, and American society. From this platform, Speak No Evil engaged in broad-ranging weekly conversations that grappled with the complexities surrounding the conditions and determinants of America’s current social atmosphere. Speak No Evil was a “safe space” for participants to discuss strategies and techniques that challenge and deconstruct harmful paradigms while creating solutions that address meaningful societal change and progress. Speak No Evil met weekly beginning on Saturday, April 3, 2021 through April 24, 2021. Participants who completed this focus group received a certificate of completion highlighting social justice activism development from the University of Wyoming’s Black Studies Center.
Mission Statement 
The Speak No Evil focus group sought to create an accepting and challenging environment concerning race, privilege, and our current social atmosphere that centers participants lived experiences to guide salient discussions.
Overarching Goal 

Provided pathways to generate rich and open discussions that encouraged in-depth, courageous conversations, that challenged and extend the mainstream dominant discourse on the impact of race and privilege.


Upcoming Events

Tales of Cultural Diversity
In November FPAC will be partnering with “Tales at the Tap” to host a community storytelling event. This community-driven event invites individuals to tell their personal stories as they relate to a theme.
Because this is a community-driven event we are asking for your theme ideas. For this specific Tales event, ideas should be related to ‘cultural diversity.’ Past themes have included ‘Survivors’, ‘Man up’ and ‘Courage and Community.’ Please send your ideas to either or with the subject line “Diversity theme ideas.” All themes should/ will work to promote representation and inclusion.
Wind River Culture Night
Family Promise is partnering with Devine eats and guest chef Lynette Greybull to bring a Wind River Culture Night to the Laramie community.
Chicken & beef tacos, Spanish rice, beans, and Lynette’s homemade salsa will be served out of the Devine Eats food truck at the September 24th Downtown Laramie Farmer’s Market.
During this event, dancers will be performing a variety of cultural dances.