Our Mission: Our mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.

Who We Are: Family Promise of Albany County is an affiliate of the Family Promise National organization that has been serving families experiencing homelessness since 1986. We measure our success in how many families we successfully graduate into sustainable, independent housing. We stay in contact with our clients even after graduation to ensure a successful transition into their new living situations. Our programs are driven by our dedicated staff, caring volunteers, and generous donors like you.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Bring a Meal

With the host site rotation on pause we are sheltering families in hotels. We need your help to provide meals to our guests! 

    • Food drop off is on WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS 9am-4pm
    • Drop off location is 215 S. 11th Street (United Presbyterian Church)
    • Please ring doorbell and remain outside the door. Someone will be there to collect your donation (it takes a few minutes for us to get downstairs).
    • Shelf stable meals are preferred but we can use the UPC fridge to store perishables.
    • Please portion meals. Our guests only have a microwave and hotel mini fridge for food prep and storage. PLEASE DON’T OVERSTOCK.
    • Our number of guests is changing very frequently these days. Please contact your coordinator for the most current numbers. (If you don’t have a coordinator please contact the Family Promise office). When in doubt plan on enough food for 6 people.

We are also introducing our Direct Client Contactless Meal Drop off!  If you want to make and drop off a hot home cooked meal to our clients at their hotel room, sign up below.

  • Food drop off will vary depending on clients availability and is currently any weekday at 4pm.
  • A member of the Family Promise team will contact you with the proper room information as well as information regarding confidentiality when you sign up.
  • When bringing meals please make sure they are proportioned and/or in disposable containers.
  • When at the hotel,  please place the packaged food on the floor next to the given hotel room door.
  • Once you knock, please step back six feet to allow room from social distancing.
  • As always, please wear your mask and other personal protective equipment when delivering food.

Food Host Schedule

June 27 – July 4 Snowy Range E- Free  
June 4 – July 11 LDS Day Center Closed
4th of July    
July 11 – July 18 Living Shepard Lutheran  
July 18 – July 25 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  
July 25 – Aug 1    
Aug. 1 – Aug. 8 St. Matthews-Canturbery  
Aug. 8 – Aug 15    
Aug 15 – Aug 22    
Aug. 22 – Aug 29 Snowy Range E-Free 1st Day of School
Aug 29 – Sept. 5    
Sept.5 – Sept. 12 Rock Laramie  
Sept. 12 – Sept. 19 First Baptist
Day Center Closed Labor Day 9/6/21
Sept. 19 – Sept 26 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran  
Sept 26 – Oct. 3 United Methodist Church  
Oct 3. – Oct. 10 United Presbyterian Church  
Oct. 10 – Oct. 17 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  
Oct. 17 – Oct 24 St. Matthew’s Cathedral-Canterbury House  

*Empty spaces indicate undesignated weeks. For the full schedule please see the list.

Diaper & Hygiene Pantry Assistant

In order for our Diaper & Hygiene pantry to be a sustainable program we need volunteers to help with distributions, stocking shelves, and logging items. 

    • Currently need help on WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS 9am-4pm (2 hour shifts)
    • The pantry is located at 215 S. 11th Street (United Presbyterian Church)
    • Involves going up and down stairs while carrying bags of hygiene items.
    • Due to social distancing, guests remain outside while attendant collects items. Volunteers must wear masks.
    • Will help log donated and distributed items.
    • While this is a low intensity volunteer activity, it is very valuable to the families we serve and our staff.

Full Volunteer Description

If you are interested in helping, please contact us at info@fpalbanycounty.org, attn: Pantry Manager or sign up for a shift below!

Thank you for volunteering with Family Promise of Albany County! If you are a new volunteer and haven’t filled out the confidentiality agreement you can find the form below.

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